Monday, October 25, 2021

Privacy Policy

To maintain a certain code of ethics it is necessary for the website to protect the information that is provided on its site and it is for this reason that there has been put into place a privacy policy . The interests of the visitors to this portal are protected and their privacy respected and confidential.

Personal Information

  • All information collected for this website belongs exclusively to AllinfoDir Web Directory.
  • Personal information collected by way of emails, order forms, registration forms etc. is the property of this website.
  • All information collected on this website is used for their own use and is never made public or divulged to any other source except if required by the law or for any legal lawful purpose. Such information as is gathered for registration or any such purpose will only be used for the purpose that has been mentioned when collecting the data and for no other purpose what so ever.
  • Payments for any submissions and other such information are processed through the credit card system and not directly through the information directory portal. This information is not shared or sold to anyone else for any purpose.
  • Personal information obtained for any business purpose is strictly confidential and under no circumstances will this be divulged to any other source.
  • The information that is stored on our database is never used to search for any further personal information.
  • If at any given time any user wishes to unsubscribe from this website and not be involved in any contributions, he or she can do so by letting the website know about it online through unsubscribe links.
  • Every effort is made to ensure the protection of every user's personal information. There are no breaches of security in any way on this website as confidentiality is guaranteed.

Protection for information divulged through third parties

All directories have links to other websites such as advertisers and various other sites.All these websites have been screened thoroughly to avoid any misuse of information made publicby any of the visitors to our website. However, if any personal information has been divulged to other websites through our links,we cannot be held responsible for such issues. It is better to view the privacy policies onother websites when you visit them to protect the misuse of your own personal information.