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Panasonic old tvThis recycled version of Panasonic TV will be able to bring back the old world charm of the CRT TV back to your life. If you have been nostalgic about it in your life then this is your chance to reclaim the love for the old. There will be no problem with bulky sets though as a promise of the new age model. One gets to enjoy all of the fashionable artistry of the old set though.

The strict recycling laws have been circulating in many countries and Panasonic did not leave any stone unturned to bring out something that the current generation would be able to relate to while retaining the beauty of the previous CRT models. This is one of the most unique solutions that Panasonic has come up with. It breaks the CRT model with a powerful laser beam technique that only breaks its bulk while giving a perfectly beautiful shape. So the new model does not feel cumbersome at all!

This process of TV making from the old was revealed in Japan in the last few weeks. This is Panasonic’s unique plan to reduce overall global pollution and make use of the resources to the best of ability. Panasonic’s unique answer would be followed by many companies but it stays as the pioneer of this laser beam break technique in TV making from the old frame.

Source: techradar

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