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This new development in the Android Market has not been the really expected thing for most. But tired of the Spotify messing about this has been one of the best ways to deal the issue. To get things started iTunes App Store has now taken it upon them to invent a new way to replace the Spotify app for Android. Officially thus they have been taken out of the market.

 SCredit: techradar

The new Droidify system is about to bring wireless music to the mainstream with new smartphones coming into action. Many months ago when the standard Android Spotify was on operation one could still get a glimpse of these new developments and its stop gap system about to come into work. Just a few months on the go we see this happening, pulling out the previous Spotify in behest of something new. The Spotify HQ is going to be the new face of the Android with many votes for it going to the T3 Gadget Awards for 2009.

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