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Samsung Galaxy Tab and Verizon

7-inch Galaxy Tab for $ 300 on two years contract

Verizon, an American Broad Band and Tele communication company, has come up with more ease for Tablet buyers, by announcing a new offer; 7-inch Galaxy Tab will be available for $300 on a two years contract.
It will be a two years deal with the buyers of Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Samsung Galaxy 7-inch Tab was formerly offered on unsubsidized criteria. Now you can choose among two options i.e. $500 strings-free Galaxy Tab or a $300 version, in nutshell, you can get a chance to be in contract with Verizon for two years.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab

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As we have been seeing that the tablet is the latest trend of IT industry which is getting hyper day by day, Apple has started the competition with its new iPad and now every new week gives us the news of some iPad’s rival. Let’s come to the recent one in the lineup of iPad’s rival, Samsung has finally revealed its Android tablet device that has been given the name of Samsung Galaxy tab.

This latest tablet by Samsung was revealed in the Samsung’s official South Africa Twitter feed and according to the specifications revealed it is the 7 inch LCD tablet that is coming with the goodness of the android operating system and it is the strong possibility that the OS will be Android 2.2.
Another announcement by the company shows that the new tablet will include a Samsung TouchWiz UI. Some other specification includes: 3.5mm headphone jack, a front facing camera and other features that will actually be showed off in near future.

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