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Olympus Cameras have always been favourite among professional and amateur photographers. Olympus E-P3 is the new camera which lets you capture your own world with style and sophistication. The first half-frame camera by Olympus was styled by Yoshihisa Maitani and was produced in Japan. Its portability made it named as a Pen and since 1959, the Pen series are made by Olympus. Olympus features a wide range of Pen series including the Pen S, Pen D, Pen EE, Pen EM and The Pen Wide series.

However, in 2009, a digital pen; a Micro Four Thirds system  also called the PEN E-P1 was introduced by Olympus. E-P2 was released in 2010 following the release of E-P1 and now Olympus E-P3 is a true masterpiece of Olympus, available in three gorgeous colors of silver, black and white at an expensive price of $899.99.

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