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nintendo-logo.gifThough the Nintendo Wii has crossed 7 million mark in Japan, a considerable decrease in the sales of this popular family console has been noticed there during the last month.

The Wii has proved quite successful for Nintendo, but some figures from Enterbrain indicate that there is a 24% reduction in its sale at the time when it’s entering in the second year of its life.

The figures show that around 5m units were sold by January this year that comes to 385,000 units per month on average basis, but since that time only two million units have been sold that comes to 292,000 per month.


In the past, Gaming console have been doing good in shopping rush days ahead of the Christmas and a rise in sale can be expected if things remain unaffected from credit crunch, but how it’s possible? So no need to paint a rosy picture. Read the rest of this entry

There are millions already that wandering all around the globe and now there is another that has been developed by repeating the Nokia 6220 classic in a slider and named as the Nokia 6260 Slide.


The 6260 Slide comes up with a 5 megapixel camera that has the mandatory Carl Zeiss lens and a GPS chip is also there for some fun time navigation with the move. Now you can also share video and photo with Nokia’s Ovi service. Read the rest of this entry