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Skype iPhoneLast week, mobile network companies were trembling with fear of rumored Official Skype client for iPhone and iPod. Their trembling must go severe, as the rumor is going to transform into reality, today. Skype is lunching its official client for the iTunes App store charging nothing at all. It means that all the iPhone and iPod users will enjoy cheaper call rates via this application without having spent a penny to get it.

Main features of this application include almost all of the VoIP / IM client’s main features, plus few extra ones exclusively for Apple. Voice calls to the contacts can easily be made, in addition to IMs which you can send to your buddies. It also will allow you to upload fresh profile photos whenever you want. The iPod Touch users are required to attain a headset with microphone, so that they can avail the golden opportunity to make cheaper calls from their media player.

User interface has not been designed according to the typical Skype style, but it is more inclined towards being Apple-istic. Users will be able to navigate through their contacts by alphabetical order, or by sorting who’s online and who’s not.

Using the data connection of handsets, one will not be able to make VoIP calls, though it allows IM. This implies that the users will have to depend upon the Wi-Fi connection for making Voice calls, which can be heavily affected by the nature and speed of wireless connection. Skype is working on Video calling.

Good news doesn’t limit to iPhone users. Skype plans to offer such applications for Blackberry phones. A beta version has been released for Windows Mobile enabled handsets, too, which even offers SMS messaging as well as data transfer.

This application can be downloaded for Apple products from 31st June.

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