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DDR3 Chips

Photo by GokuPhoto

Photo by GokuPhoto

This Monday Samsung has revealed another very exciting DRAM chip which is the 30-nanometer DDR3 DRAM that is coming very soon into the products range of the company.

The capabilities of this new device are just awesome as the 2GB DDR3 (double data rate, third generation chips) costumes almost 30 percent less power as compared to the other chips that have been made by using 50nm production technology and can be made at more than double the cost efficiency. According to some reports the company has 2GB DDR3 for laptops, desktops and servers that uses just 1.5 volts or 1.35 volts of power.

The 30nm technology usage for the production has put Samsung ahead of rival
DRAM makers. According to the company’s claim “its 30nm DDR3 chips will be in mass production in the second half of this year, and it plans to expand use of the new technology to most memory chip production lines by the end of 2010”.

The new DDR3 has all the capabilities to rule the world’s mainstream DRAM chips as claimed by DRAMeXchange Technology, which runs an online clearinghouse for memory chips. Thus the new production of the DRAM chip will surely rove to be beneficial for the company and such kind of chips are also very useful for the advancement of computing industry.

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