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Samsung Galaxy i7500

The Android race has just started with Samsung as one of the pioneer. 2010 is expected to be a year of Android war with many companies competing with each other in providing best android phone ever. The HTC was the first one to start the race with its magic phone “The HTC Hero” but now Samsung has also implemented the magic and brought their “galaxy i7500” android phone.

 sPhoto by louisvolant

Samsung has always seen among the pioneers when bringing new technology to the customers. With its vast range of fantastic products it has become one of the best companies of the world. Another Samsung’s marvel is the Galaxy i7500. A sleek and stylish cell phone with tremendous features. With 3.2-inch AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) touch screen it is bringing beauty with ease and productivity. It has a very super bright and brilliant display with a full touch facility.

The arrangement of the buttons is bit different from other android phones yet its performance is in many regards better than the normal phone. Another nice feature of the Galaxy is the haptic feedback on the touch screen when typing on the virtual keyboard. One of the beautiful things Android gives is a finger friendly design, meaning the amount of times you need to reach for the D-pad is minimal, and is mostly limited to moving between letters when inputting text and changing fields.

The Google android operating system has enhanced the features of this phone to a very huge extent. The handset comes preloaded with access to a range of Google services, including Gmail and Google Maps. The Android operating system felt very responsive on the Galaxy. The Galaxy has the usual features you’d expect from a high-end smart phone: GPS, Wi-Fi, and support for WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) networks and the ability to download data at speeds up to 7.2M bps where operators have invested in HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access). It also has a standard audio jack, which means you can plug in any headphones you want.

The battery timing will not be finalized until a user use the phone but the AMOLED screen has reduces the power consumption up to 25%. The internal 8 GB memory will give the user a very large space for storing media files. Its 5MP autofocus camera takes an extraordinary exact and clear photograph and the power LED which flashes even in the dark meaning no worries of taking photographs in low light.

Now some problems, the first are the locking and unlocking procedures which become annoying at times. You’ll have to hold the lock button on its side for locking and unlocking which could be unpleasant. Another problem is with the screen and that is when you perform frequent actions on the screen sometimes it becomes unresponsive which is also not good at all.

Although it is having some problems but they are far less than the advantages. The fast internet browsing, large space for storing contacts, spotting feature, embedded widgets like news, weather etc are all making it an extraordinary phone and the design will definitely appeal to many smart phone users.

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