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Photo by nodomain1

The 3D technology is one of the most prevailing technologies of the world that is coming to almost every multimedia industry. Almost every digital electronics developing company of the world especially the TV making company is now days aiming towards the 3D technology and the hot news regarding this has came from Panasonic. It has been reported that Panasonic has decided to increase the 3D TV production up to 30 percent because of the superb response received from general public for its 3D televisions.

It has been reported that the Panasonic products are quite miles ahead from the products of other companies and this is the reason why the Sale rate of the company had been so good. While talking to the financial times Hirotoshi Uehara, the head of Panasonic’s TV business said that “We’ve had a very strong reaction,” he further said that “Our plasma panel factory is at full capacity but we’ve increased 3D panel production by 30 per cent compared to our original plan”. Though increasing the production is quite a bold step from the company’s side and most of the internal market experts were not expecting this but Panasonic has a strong hope that businesses will embrace this new technology because of the ultimate benefits it will be carrying with it.

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