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nintendo.gifAnalysts’ reports show that Sony still has to bear loss on its every PS3 sale while Microsoft breaks even with its Xbox 360, but Nintendo Wii is doing somewhat well, as it makes $6 for every Wii sale.

David Gibson, from Macquarie Securities, makes an industrial analysis and the figures of the Forbes report have been based on that report.


The report shows that a huge 60% Wii console are sold to Nintendo’s own first party titles while the rates are 30% for XBobx 360 and 15% for PlayStation3.


The Forbes report says that Wii keeps its fan bound as its some most popular games exclusively available on the Wii.


The report says that most Wii games are expected to be sold in 2008, as 220m units approximately, while the figures are 125m for Xbox and 120m for PS3 games.


Nintendo also has a big increased gross margin on Wii with 65% and Microsoft and Sony keep with 60% and 50% respectively.

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