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After the console version of online streaming service iPlayer has seen a very huge response from the customer’s side especially the gamers who have approached this application from Nintendo Wii and Sony play station III.

Photo by bbccouk

Photo by bbccouk

The BBC has announced that the iPlayer has been a very big source of attraction for the online gamers especially in the month of December. The data showed up by the official sites shows that the iPlayer is now being accessed by one out eight persons on a game console. Compared to the month of November iPlayer’s access via the Nintendo Wii and the Sony play station 3, the month of December has got the increased access rate up to about 74%.

The December’s estimate shows us that the iPlayer will have a very bright future among the gaming consoles provided by some other panels. This access to the iPlayer has been further improved by Sony play station III by integrating an access button into the console’s XMB.

So this type of consoles can be considered to have a very bright future because the gaming lover’s have great interests towards such kind of internet applications. Plans have been in progress to bring this application for the Microsoft Xbox 360 so it could be a good player for the Xbox’s users.

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