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Love Photography and planning to buy a digital camera???If yes, then a digital SLR camera can be a one for you. The digital SLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras utilize a mirror to reflect the light on the viewfinder which helps in shooting the photo. The penta prism integrated in the viewfinder of SLR camera helps in focusing the image.

The lenses of digital SLR camera vary in focal length. Digital SLR Cameras are of various types. The have a diverse range of sensors and also vary in sizes, features specifications and prices. So, it gets difficult to decide which one to buy. Here’s our Guide to buy a good digital SLR camera that is perfect for you and helps you to capture memorable photos.

Select from the best category

You can select the digital SLR camera from the best category whether interchangeable lens SLR camera or fixed lens SLR Camera. Olympus E-20N and Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 are the two best choices.

Pick the resolution

Pick the resolution that is most suitable for you. 6 to 15 is good if you want to shoot photos as a hobby.  However, 12 to 18 is perfect if you are a professional photographer, whether you want to cover the events, sports or nature.

Check the lens

Lenses of digital SLR cameras vary in types and sizes. Before buying the digital SLR camera check the Image stabilization and Ultrasonic focusing of the lens.

Decide the sensor type

Decide which sensor type you prefer to have in your digital SLR camera. The sensors can be CCD (Charged Couple Device) or CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor). You can select from the sizes of 35 mm format or fourthirds format

Check the Toughness

Check the toughness of the camera. Most digital SLR cameras have metal body but some also have hybrid metal-polycarbonate chassis to provide sturdiness to the camera

Choose the Viewfinder

The more precise the viewfinder is the faster and accurately you can shot photos.

Ensure the video capability

Ensure the video capability of digital SLR camera. 24 to 30 fps is good for video encoding.

Look out for Best Results

The digital SLR cameras can shoot photos in different formats. They vary from JPEG, TIFF to DNG formats. The colors and pixels of the photos also vary with these formats.

Compare the prices

You definitely don’t want to buy an expensive camera whether you are doing photography as a leisure pursuit or as a professional.  So, compare the prices before buying a good one.  If you are an amateur, then a digital SLR camera less than $600 would be good enough. However, if you are a professional then camera prices may diverge from $1000 to $8000.

Don’t forget to buy the necessary Accessories

When you have bought the camera, don’t forget to buy cool accessories to compliment your camera so that you get the best results out of your photography.

  • Add-on flash Lights can give bright images
  • Lens filters give crisp and clear photos
  • Wi-Fi Transmitter is good if you are giving the sports or event coverage

We hope that our guide to buy a digital SLR camera will help you out and let you capture some magnificent photos, if you are going to buy a new camera.

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