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On 6th of July 2011 Google launched Google Maps 5.7 for Androids and inserted Transit Navigation (Beta) from Bangkok to Baltimore and also added enhanced approach to directions, improved search results and photo viewer which will help the user during visit to unknown place within the city or across the world.

Transit Navigation (Beta)

Presently Google Maps Navigation (Beta) presents above 12 billion miles of GPS guided for driving and on foot directions in a year. With Transit Navigation, GPS is on hand for every turn and stop for local transit direction in above 400 cities all over the world. Transit Navigation employs GPS to find out the present spot beside the ways and aware the user when time to shift reaches. This is really useful when someone arrives at a city where he/she can’t spoke the local language and can’t read the sign boards and guiding maps.

Enjoy Worry Free Travelling

When you will start your tour with Transit Navigation you will also be able to use other apps. When you will simply place the cell phone away from you even then Google maps will demonstrate an alert in the notification bar of your cell and it will vibrate automatically when you will be approaching towards your spot. Hence, you can truly enjoy the scenes of your surroundings without counting the remaining spots. Transit Navigation also keeps you free from worries about missing your desire destination.

Enhanced Directions

Direction services have been enhanced in Transit Navigation; Google tried its level best to make them appear on screen conveniently. When you will choose among the driving and walking icon and Google Maps Navigation supports your ways, the navigation icons will become visible automatically in order to facilitate you to approach the directions at every step with just a single click.

Enhanced Search Suggestions

Google has also enhanced its search suggestions and has integrated 2 major changes to enhance the quality and speed of search suggestions. First Change: Google has inserted icons of category, as a result an alternative of all search suggestions demonstrates the identical icon, the icon after the listing reveals the kind of outcome. You will find a pin for lists of Google places, star for the desired place or spot, a clock for formerly used search items, a person for contacts and a magnifying glass to search what you want.

Second Change: Google has also integrated suggestions for the related searches of already search items. For instance one you have searched the Post Office at any place in U.S.A. next time when you will simply type “p” post office will automatically appear as search option.

Photo Viewer

For place pages, Google introduced business photos in October 2010, since then all over the world lots of pictures has been inserted to Place pages. In order to enable the users to access these pictures Google has also integrated a novel photo viewer so that one can easily browse the pictures when deciding the desired destinations.

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