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Sony has launched its first Ultrbook, Sony Vaio T13. It is slim and sleek, reasonably priced and runs on the fastest Sandy Bridge Intel processor.

Let’s have a detailed look at its features;

Compact Design

Vaio T13 exhibits a compact design with a sleek chassis. It is very slim and is only only 17.8mm thin. It weighs only 1.6 kg including the battery. The magnesium and alloy chassis makes it more durable and you can keep it safely in your bag.

Powerful Battery

It has a powerful battery that can run up to to nine hours. The extra battery life allows you to work without the worry of charging the battery.

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Technology has given mobility a new meaning in terms of ultra portable laptops. They are lightweight and easy to carry around in your college, during your business trips or in your leisure adventures. Their screen sizes vary from 11- 13 inches and the power processors make them a smart choice as a replacement from desktop PC.

Let’s have a look at what’s best in these 5 best ever ultra portable laptops.

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Technology has made people to fall in love with the new tech gadgets. Markets are loaded with laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles and many high tech gadgets. However, everyone wants to enjoy the new advancements and gifts of technology, but one gets strangles at the mercy of inflation and increasing unemployment rate.

Laptops have been a craze for everyone who loves computing. In 2011, many laptops became the superstars of tech markets but some budget laptops also made their way thus giving a sigh if relief to budget conscious people. Here’s our list of best budget laptops of 2011 that will let you experience the new realm of innovation and technology.

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Ultrabooks have entered the realm of technology with their first series. They are the new gadget belonging to the family of laptop PCs but are different from the netbooks, notebooks and tablets. Apple, Lenova, Asus, Toshiba and Acer have been the first to announce their ultrabooks. According to Intel’s estimate they will uptake the market of laptops by 2012.

What is novel about them??

They are thin, lightweight, have long battery life, features Sandy Bridge or Ivy processors and are least expensive.

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Dell is the eminent name among the leading laptop providers; one thing majority of users admire about Dell laptop is its durability, it will not be wrong to say that “D” in Dell stands for Durable. Dell offers different categories of laptops powered by processors of variable power so that users can choose easily according to their use from its wide range. One can select as per requirement and purchasing power, Dell Inspiron 15r N5110 is the new laptop offered by Dell which is taking Dell to a new level of competition.

Dell Inspiron 15r N5110 features a powerful processor and it has been especially designed for those people who want style and performance altogether at an affordable price. Let’s discuss its features and specifications in detail and it might also help you in your buying decision if you are planning to buy a laptop.

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