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3D TVThere was a time when if you talked about a 3D TV, people had laughed in your face. Situation is no more like this now. 3D televisions are no more science fiction gadgets; they are soon going to be available in the markets for real. Sky will begin to broadcast in 3D by the Christmas this year. Also LG and some other brands are planning to release 3D compatible TVs this year. Thus, this year is going to give a boom to 3D TV market.

It is being analyzed and assessed that by the year 2011, 3D TVs will account for 10 % of sales, which will increase to 16 % by the year 2016, which will be approximately a total of 2.8 billion TV sets. It is possible only if an industry standard is formulated. It is also being predicted that the Blu-ray disks will replace movie downloads; despite the fact that there is an increase in the broadband connections’ speeds.

A serious issue regarding home 3D market is that consumers will never be persuaded enough to buy a new product, unless they get sufficient content, too. This situation has been explained by Marie Bloomfield; the media analyst of Screen Digest as, “Consumers will not be persuaded to invest in new equipment to experience 3D until there is enough content; and content production will not ramp up until there is a significant audience.”

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