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Eagles are no doubt one of the most dashing birds on earth which has been always associated with power and speed. Just like me! You might also be a fan of this bird and this is not at all strange because this bird deserves such praise and appreciation because of the ultimate strong powers which nature has gifted it.


There are several species of Eagles on this earth but mostly the people think of bald eagles when it comes to eagles. The Bald Eagle is also a national symbol of United States and it was selected in 1782 because of its ultimate strength and majestic looks.
The Eagle though is the most favorite bird of many people worldwide and some even love to have one in their homes still mostly doesn’t have much details regarding this bird. The eagle carries some really amazing information about them and their history and if you are also the one who doesn’t have the information regarding eagles then here is what you need to know.

  • There are 59 species of Eagles present on earth and unfortunately most of people are aware of just the common ones like bald eagles.
  • The adult eagles mostly stay near their nesting territory and it depends on the supply of food and other nesting condition.
  • The bald eagles are very much accurate about the places they acquires, whenever it migrates to the south it always goes to same spot as before and similarly when it comes back to north it also goes to the same spot.
  • An eagle is such a strong bird that it can easily kill a young deer and after that it can also fly with that, the bald eagles are the ones who can fly with 8 pounds of food.
  • The eagle’s eye sight is so strong that it helps them to see one to one and a half miles away, their diving speed is 100 miles per hour and this speed and eye sight helps them in catching their food.
  • Another strongest feature in this most dashing bird is that its feathers are even stronger than that of an airplane.
  • Bald eagles could be called as loyal friends of humans because they prove to be very affective while catching the rodents and rabbits that can spoil the grain fields.
  • Approximately an eagle carries 7,000 feathers.
  • One of the largest nests of bald eagle was recorded to be in Florida, this one was more than nine feet wide and 20 feet high and the weigh it carries was more than 2 tons. So that could be better called as the palace of eagle rather than just its nest.
  • The eagle talon’s strike is so powerful that if we calculate the total force then it would be twice the force of rifle bullet.

So these were some very interesting facts about eagles that will surely make you more aware of the power and lifestyle that this bird owns.

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