Why Smokers Gain Weight When Quit Smoking?

Smoking is a bad habit which is very bad for the health as it can damage the heart, lung, kidneys etc. the chain smokers start their day with smoking, they smoke Cigarette after every meal.

This study was published on June 10, 2011. It provided the clues on the Nicotine’s Role in Reducing the Appetite of a normal person. The researchers have found that Nicotine is an element that cuts the Appetite and the Body’s Fats.

Smokers Gain Weight

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The leader of the study Marina Picciotto, PhD, of Yale University says that Nicotine activates the cells which are like Brain-Cell Switches; these Cells have very different effect on Appetite.

Picciotto said in a news release that it is found that Nicotine reduces the eating and the Body’s Fats through receptors due to its withdrawal rather than any reward or reinforcement.

The Nora D. Volkow, the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse says that this is an important achievement.

The Volkow further says the results of this study indicates the medications that specially pinpoints the pathway that can lead to the Nicotine Withdrawal and also decreases the  overeating during quitting Smoking.

These medications may take a long time to come as the Picciotto study was in Mice not in human beings.

The study researcher Marielle De Biasi, PhD, Assistant Director of the Center of Addiction, Learning and Memory at the Baylor College of Medicine says this study is not only beneficial for the Smoke quitting but it is also good for the Weight Loss.

De Biasi explained in a news release this study will not only help the people who are trying to quit Smoking but it will also target the development of drugs that may help to control the Obesity and the other Metabolic disorders.

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