Top 6 Threats to Men’s Health

There are many threats to men’s health. Some of them can be prevented. Here are some facts that you should know to live longer lead healthier life.

These threats are organized by the statistics given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other famous organizations. The main aim of this study is to focus on the threats to men’s health in United States.

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Few threats to men’s health are given below

  1. Heart Disease

    Heart disease is the main threat to men’s health. Try to make your life healthier, in order to avoid Heart diseases.

    Following changes in life style can help in reducing Heart diseases

    1. Try to avoid smoking. If you cannot then ask your doctor to help you in quitting smoke.
    2. Try to eat healthy foods including Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, foods rich in Fiber, Protein like Fish etc. try to avoid eating foods that are rich in Fats and Sodium.
    3. Try to follow your doctor’s suggestions, if you have high Cholesterol level and High Blood Pressure. If you are suffering from Diabetes then try to control your Blood Sugar.
    4. Try to do exercise or walk daily for at least 30 minutes.
    5. Try to spend time in playing sports; it can also help you in maintaining your physical fitness.
    6. If you are overweight, try to lose weight because excessive weight can also lead to Heart’s diseases.
    7. Take moderate amount of Alcohol. Too much Alcohol can also raise the Blood Pressure.
    8. If you have stressful life, try to take some steps to reduce stress, it will help you out to deal with the Heart’s diseases.
  2. Cancer

    Different types of Cancers can affect men like Lung Cancer, Skin Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Colorectal Cancer.
    Following are some tips to reduce Cancer

    1. Try to avoid smoking, smoke can enhance different Cancers.
    2. Try to lose weight, maintaining required weight can decrease the chances of Cancer.
    3. Try to keep up your physical activities; it can help you to lose weight.
    4. Try to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables; they are good to decrease the risks of Cancer.
    5. Try to save yourself the harsh rays of Sun. Always try to apply Sunscreen before going in to the Sun.
    6. Alcohol can increase the risk of different Cancers including Colon, Lung, Kidney and Liver Cancer.
    7. If you are suffering from Cancer then try to visit doctor regularly for routine checkup.
  3. Respiratory Diseases

    Severe Lung diseases may include Bronchitis and Emphysema.

    They are great threats for men. To save you from Respiratory diseases,
    1 should do as follows

    1. First of all, try to quit smoking.
    2. Try to avoid exposure to chemicals and different pollutants.
    3. Try to properly wash your Hands after every meal, using toilets and touching dirty things etc.
  4. Stroke

    The risk factors for Stroke cannot be controlled sometimes including Family history, age, race etc.

    Here are some ways that should be avoided to prevent Stroke

    1. Try to follow the doctor’s suggestions, if you have High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and High Blood Sugar.
    2. If you can’t quit smoking, consult your doctor to quit Smoke.
    3. Try to limit the intake of Alcohol, it enhances the Stroke.
    4. Try to eat healthy foods and limit the intake of food rich in saturated Fats and Cholesterol.
    5. If you are overweight, try to lose weight and indulge yourself in some physical activities, to stay healthy.
  5. Type 2 Diabetes

    It is the most common type of Diabetes. It may affect the way body utilizes Blood Sugar. Blood Sugar is also known as Glucose. Severe Diabetes can lead to Heart Diseases, Eye Problem, Nerve problems and other complicated situations. To avoid Type 2 Diabetes, try to change your habits like eating healthy foods, doing physical activities and if you are overweight, try to maintain required weight.

  6. Suicide

    Suicide is 1 of the leading risks to men’s life. The main cause of Suicide is depression. Suicide is more common in men than women. If you suffer from signs and symptoms of depression including sadness, unhappiness, loss of interest etc, consult a doctor for mental relaxation. Treatment for depression is available and you can easily avail that treatment.

The above mentioned are some threats to men’s life. One should carefully plan to cope with these threats.

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