All You Need to Know About Diabetes

about-diabetesIt is not something new; you probably already know that when your body is not able to produce or utilise insulin, diabetes results.

Insulin helps your food become energy in your cells. Thus, not only will your cells be low on energy, the energy source, that is, glucose will accumulate in your blood.

This high level of glucose will cause damage to your major organs including eyes, heart and kidney.

The American Diabetes Association says that 6.3% of the American population are diabetics. Now, that is a staggering number.While Type I is more common among children, Type II is common among adults. However, even children are developing Type II diabetes because of being obese.

What types are there?

There is the Type I, in which there is total insulin lack and mostly children have this type. The other is Type II, in which there is not enough insulin production or proper insulin usage. This is more common and most often develops in adults.

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