10 Myths and Facts about Incontinence

The problem of Urinary Incontinence affects about 25 Million Americans.  Most of the people feel shy to talk about this condition.

Nancy Muller, PhD, executive director of National Association for Continence says that people does not even take the name of Bladder in front of others so, that others may not laugh at them. With the passage of time, the response of people is bit changed.

Muller says rather than waiting for 10 years, women now wait about 61/2 years and talk to doctor about this issue.

There many Myths and Facts, which are related to the Incontinence. Some are as follows


  1. You are the only 1 suffering from it

    It affects about 200 Million people in the whole world. It is found that about 25 Million American suffers from this disease and about 9 to 13 Million people have severe symptoms of this disease.

    The experts say many cases of this disease remain untreated because people don’t know how to talk about this problem with their doctors.

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