4 Reasons Why You Need to Exercise in Lupus?

Lupus is a disease in which the Immune system of body becomes aggressive and it attacks the healthy tissues. It results in the Inflammation, swelling and damage of Joints, Skin, Kidney, Blood, Heart and the Lungs.

Normally, the Immune system makes Proteins known as Antibodies for the protection and fight against Antigens like Viruses and Bacteria etc.

Lupus makes Immune system unable to differentiate between Antigens and the healthy tissues of the body. This causes the Immune system to activate the Antibodies against healthy tissues, not just Antigens, which ultimately results in Swelling, pain and damaging tissues.

If you are suffering from Lupus then it feels very difficult to exercise. It would be really painful for you. You feel tired, your Joints ache and you want to take rest. Research shows that exercise can assist people to build stronger Muscles, prevent stiffness, control fatigue and also prevent the weight gain.

Lupus erythematosus

Image by : wikimedia

Consult the doctor before doing any of the exercise because some movements can be harmful for you, when you have swollen Joints and Muscle pain etc   so you should have proper information about each and every step you do while exercising.

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