9 Types of Highly Fattening Foods

It’s summer season and it’s time to celebrate Bar-b-cue, cocktail, sandwiches, salads and ice creams etc. if we don’t care, these things can pack many Pounds weight around us. Many people are very active during this season but it may not be sufficient to burn the extra calories that are got from these fattening foods.


Image by : wikimedia

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Foods for Beautiful Hairs

image by dgilder
image by dgilder

Having beautiful hairs is the dream of every woman and for this every woman tries to practice all the natural tips for flourishing their hairs.

The natural hair cares takes some time and effort as well but there are some food which can give a very beautiful effect to your hairs without demanding your effort and time.

In this article I am going to discuss some very naturally occurring foods which can be very helpful for the shine and health of your hairs so let’s have a look.

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