Research Has Unveiled That Safflower Oil Is Healthy For Heart

Safflower Oil

Good news for the health conscious people! New research has revealed that safflower oil is healthy and good for heart especially. Regular use of safflower oil for 16 weeks helps to avoid the heart diseases. In addition it also helps to regulate the insulin level, and diabetes caused in women who reaches to stage of post menopause.

This Finding is an advance step of research on safflower oil.

Researchers discovered that fats on the abdomen area can be reduced with the use of safflower oil. Right after 18 weeks, researchers also concluded that its use for 16 weeks is also beneficial especially for the women. Sugar, blood pressure and high cholesterol level results in cardiovascular ailments. It happens due to a syndrome known as metabolic syndrome; it means various symptoms that enhance the chances of heart and its related diseases.

Head of this research concluded that people should daily use 1 2/3 ts of safflower oil. It’s the way to avoid the cardiovascular syndromes.
Martha Belury is an eminent figure of this research. He is also a professor at Ohio State University. According to him, The women in the study didn’t replace what was in their diet with safflower oil”.

They added it to what they were already doing. And that says to me that certain people need a little more of this type of good fat-particularly when they are obese women, who already have diabetes. I believe these findings suggest that people consciously they get a serving of healthy oil in their diets each day-may be an oil and vinegar dressing on the salad or some oil for cooking, And this recommendation can be extended to every one”.

What makes safflower oil healthy for heart? Actually it contains linoleic acid; linoleic acid is poly unsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) which is useful to prevent the cardiovascular ailments.

This research has appeared online and researchers have planned to publish it in “Clinical Nutrition”-a famous Journal.

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