Diabetes – Some Researches About Diabetes

Diabetes is a dangerous condition, which is caused by the high level of Glucose in the Blood. The Glucose is produced by the Pancreas. Insufficient production of Insulin can cause Diabetes.

Blue Circle for Diabetes

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Types of Diabetes

There are 2 types of Diabetes

  1. Type 1 diabetes.
  2. Type 2 diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Following are the symptoms of Diabetes

  • Thirst.
  • Hunger
  • Frequent urge to pass Urine.

Diabetes Diagnosis

It is diagnosed by the testing of Blood Sugar.

Here are some latest researches about Diabetes, which are really important for the Diabetic patients.

  • A research has found that Vitamin D can help in preventing the Diabetes in people, who are at high risk of developing this disease.

A research of Tufts Medical Center in Boston tells that there are many implications of Vitamin D because they are inexpensive.

In study of 2,000 people with the Pre-diabetes tell that if there is higher level of Vitamin D in Blood, the chances of development of Type 2 Diabetes lowers. A researcher Pittas presented these results in the annual meeting of American

Diabetes Association.

It is found in another research in France that drinking about 4 or 8 Ounce glasses of Water a day can save you from development of High Blood Sugar, also known as Hyperglycemia.

In a survey of 3,615 men and women with the normal Blood Sugar Levels at the start of study, they reported they drank more than 34 Ounces of Water a day and as a result, they had 21% less chances of developing Hyperglycemia over the next 9 years.

The research took in to consideration, factors affecting risk of Blood Sugar including Sex, Age, Weight, consumption of Beer, Juices, Wine and other physical activities

According to CDC, about 79 Million Americans have Pre-diabetes, it is a condition in which Blood Sugar is higher than the normal level but that high to result in the diagnosis of Diabetes. It also increases the risk of developing Type 2,

Diabetes, Heart Diseases and Stroke.

  • It was found that eating about 2 ounces of Nuts every day, replacing Carbohydrates is beneficial for the people with Type 2 Diabetes by decreasing the bed Cholesterol level and improving Blood Sugar Control.

A research of the University of Toronto shows that there are 2 important factors in caring for Diabetes

  • Blood Sugar
  • Heart Health

People who consume 2 Ounces of Nuts showed better results after 3 Months in Blood Sugar and LDL. Nuts consist of mixture of unsalted Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, Pecans, Hazelnuts, Cashews and Macadamias.

The important result, researchers wanted was a remarkable change in the Blood Sugar Control called HbA1c.

The researchers found a significant reduction in HbA1c level with the help of treatment with the Nuts.

It was concluded with the research that mixed, unsalted, dry or roasted Nuts are good both for Blood Glucose Control and the Blood Lipids. These Nuts may also be used to increase the Vegetable Oil and Protein intake in the food habits of

Type 2 Diabetic patients. It also helps to improve the Diabetes without gaining any weight.

  • A research shows that one in five women returns for the diabetes test within six months of her delivery. That’s the first checkup they are supposed to undergo to stay secure from diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recommends change in the process by which pregnant women are tested for diabetes.  This will identify the moderate cases of diabetes in pregnant women, most of which would just need better nutrition and exercise. .

Women can have either insulin dependent or non insulin dependent diabetes during their pregnancy. These women should tightly control their diabetes to reduce the risks for themselves and their babies. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2 to 10 percent women develop diabetes for the first time during their pregnancy. It is known as gestational diabetes which, if not treated well, can lead to overgrown fetus, high chances of undergoing C section and pre-mature deliveries.  Due to such risks, medical groups are emphasizing on diabetes tests of pregnant women, but every third woman does not undergo that test. Usually, mother’s glucose level returns to normal few weeks after baby’s birth. Doctors suggest that patients need to be checked within six to 12 weeks for diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that can ruin you, if you don’t go for its timely treatment. It can make your life miserable and full of difficulties. All these reasons make the Diabetes to be called as Silent Killer.

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