9 Types of Highly Fattening Foods

It’s summer season and it’s time to celebrate Bar-b-cue, cocktail, sandwiches, salads and ice creams etc. if we don’t care, these things can pack many Pounds weight around us. Many people are very active during this season but it may not be sufficient to burn the extra calories that are got from these fattening foods.


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Following are some foods, which can be most fattening

  1. Bar-b- Cue Foods

    Items of Bar-b-Cue can really increase your waistline. A 20 ounce piece of meat contains 1, 540 Calories and 124 Gram of fat.

    An average Cheese burger contains about 750 Calories and 45 grams of fat.  The meat like Chicken Breast and ground beef contains fewer calories.

  2. Salads with Mayonnaise

    A small cup of Potato salad has about 180 Calories and 12 Grams of fat.

    To make salad with low calories, try to use low- calorie Mayonnaise, low-fat yogurt, juice without sugar etc. you can also mix Vinegar in it.

    If you add vegetables to the salad, it will increase Fibers and Nutrients in it.

  3. Refreshing Ice-creams

    An average cup of Ice cream has 380 Calories and 22 Grams of Fat. Chocolate milkshakes contain about 720 Calories and 28 Grams of Fat. You are not required to give up these foods; you just have to adjust them. Try to take low- calorie Ice-creams or you can also look for the desserts that are less than 150 Calories including Strawberry cakes, Fruit bars and Fruits desserts etc.

  4. Topping of Salad

    Salads are good for lunch or dinner, as they are refreshing, light and the best way to get Proteins. If you garnish your salad with high-calorie products, it would be very fattening.

    High-Calorie topping like Fried Chicken Strips, Fried Vegetables, Cheese and Butter would just spoil your diet. Instead of all these things, try to top the Salad with baked chicken, eggs, Meat or Vegetables etc.

  5. Fried Chicken

    F ried chicken is really liked by everyone. It is a good meal to feed the crowd. A fried piece of chicken breast contains about 360 Calories and 12 Grams of fat where as a baked Chicken Breast piece contains 167 Calories and 7 Grams of fat.

  6. Delicious Thirst Quenchers

    It is very important in summer season to stay hydrated. You need to drink different juices for balancing the level of liquids in the body. 12-ounce of sweet tea, energy drink, juice, beer or Soda contains about 150 Calories. Milkshakes, smoothies and Coffee has much higher amount of Calories. Be careful about what you are going to drink like knowing the calories and amount of fats etc in the drink.

  7. Foods at Carnivals

    Most of the foods that are available in the food fairs and carnivals are dramatically fattening including burgers, deep fried Cheese cake, fried Macaroni and French fries etc. try to avoid such type of foods and you may go for Corns, Cotton Candy, Caramel Apple and Grilled Meat etc. they fewer Calories as compare tofried food stuff.

  8. Snacks

    Snacks don’t harm you much but if eat too much snacks then it would be harmful for your health. Every Ounce of Potato Chips or Cheese Puff contains about 160 Calories and 10 Grams of fat. Cheese Nachos contain about 692 Calorie and an average box of Popcorns contains 550 Grams, 31 Grams of fat and 972 Milligram of Sodium.

    Try to avoid these snacks and you can enjoy fruits, vegetables and small portion of fat-free Popcorn.

  9. Alcoholic Drinks

    Alcoholic drinks also contain loads of calories in it and if you add some juice in it than it becomes richer in Calories.

Look for low-calorie wine and try to mix it with some Sugar-free drink. It will control the calorie intake of your body.

Sometimes we eat foods without knowing how much calories it has, she should have information about calories is food items we take. It will help us control our intake of excessive Calories and will prevent fattening of body.

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