8 Essentials for your Diabetes Toolkit

Diabetes is a disorder of Metabolism. It is identified as the manner in which our body utilizes food for making energy in the body. The things we eat, is broken in to Glucose. It is the form of Sugar in the Blood.

When the food is digested, the Glucose is mixed in to the Blood. These cells use the Glucose for the production of energy. If Insulin is present in the Blood, only then Glucose can enter in to it. Insulin enables our cells to take Glucose.

Diabetes Kit

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A Diabetic person has a high amount of Glucose in the Blood.

The patients of Diabetes are required to keep their toolkit close to them. A Diabetes kit makes easy to maintain the medicines and other required objects.

A small make up bag or travelling bag would be good to be used as the toolkit.

Here is the list of few things that are an essential part of your Diabetes toolkit. These things will help in solving some of your problems.

  1. You should have extra Insulin Syringes or Insulin Pumps.
  2. Always keep a Glucose meter, test strips or record book with you.
  3. Keep Glucose tablets with you; these will be helpful in case of low Sugar level.
  4. Keep some copies of doctor’s prescription.
  5. Keep Glucagon for brutal Hypoglycemia.
  6. A card containing information that you are a patient of Diabetes and some contact numbers for the case of emergency.
  7. An Id bracelet showing you are patient of Diabetes would also be helpful.
  8. Keep a pharmacy label about your Insulin that you use.

Diabetes is known as silent killer so; you should get ready to fight against all the complications relating to this disease.

The pharmacy label that came with your insulin (label is required for air travel

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