10 Tips to Avoid Excess skin and look Beautiful after Weight Loss

Junk Food or mostly refereed to as Fast food has destroyed our health by not only changing our eating habits but also making us overweight.  When people quit fast food and try to loose weight they end up having excessive skin on their bodies. This excessive skin is loose and lessens your beauty.

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Here are 10 tips to reduce excessive skin and look beautiful and gorgeous after you have reduced a considerable amount of weight

  1. Loose weight slowly

    When loosing weight it is always recommended to loose weight slowly. It is better to loose 1-2 pounds of weight per week. In this away there are less chances of having excessive skin on your body.

  2. Drink Excessive Water

    With age the skin becomes less elastic and when you loose weight, your body becomes shapeless instead of being in shape. Drinking excessive amount of water daily and keep yourself hydrated with fresh juices also prevents the loosening of your skin.

  3. Exercise daily

    Do exercise daily as it is the best way to reduce weight without having extra skin on your body. Exercise keeps your body in shape and you remain active throughout the day.

  4. Massage and Moisturize your skin

    Massage and moisturize your skin before going to bed because after exercising your skin has lost a lot of moisture which can result in the hanging of skin.

  5. Eat Proper diet

    Eat proper diet whether you are in the process of reducing weight or you have lost weight. Eat healthy foods in proper amount like fruit and vegetable. Also protein food like meat and calcium rich foods are necessary because they help in building your muscles and tightening of skin. Burgers, chips and other fatty foods should be totally avoided.

  6. Avoid excessive sugar intake

    Excessive Sugar intake is not good for you body because it stretches your skin and make you fat. After the weight loss when the body carbohydrates are lost and the skin stretch. So, it is not advisable to have sugary foods like chocolates, cakes and pastries

  7. Use proper vitamin creams

    Apply proper vitamin creams that suits you skin. If your skin has deficiency of Vitamin A, E and C then use creams according to your physician advice.

  8. Take hot water bath

    While bathing always prefer hot water bath as it helps in tightening your skin and after weight loss it keeps your body beautiful.

  9. Include Aerobics and Sports in your daily Life

    Aerobics like Cycling, Racing , Jumping and sports like football, should be included in your daily life as routine. They don’t rebuild your Wight after you have lost a significant one as after weight loss there is also a chance of putting it on again.  This causes the skin to loose more and there is no option left except surgery.

  10. Go for surgery as last option

    Surgery should be chosen as last option to reduce excess skin because it is a painful procedure. So, consult your doctor before the surgical removal of your loose e skin.

Eat healthy, work out daily and follow our 10 tips to avid excess skin and look beautiful after you have lost weight.

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