10 Myths and Facts about Incontinence

The problem of Urinary Incontinence affects about 25 Million Americans.  Most of the people feel shy to talk about this condition.

Nancy Muller, PhD, executive director of National Association for Continence says that people does not even take the name of Bladder in front of others so, that others may not laugh at them. With the passage of time, the response of people is bit changed.

Muller says rather than waiting for 10 years, women now wait about 61/2 years and talk to doctor about this issue.

There many Myths and Facts, which are related to the Incontinence. Some are as follows


  1. You are the only 1 suffering from it

    It affects about 200 Million people in the whole world. It is found that about 25 Million American suffers from this disease and about 9 to 13 Million people have severe symptoms of this disease.

    The experts say many cases of this disease remain untreated because people don’t know how to talk about this problem with their doctors.

  2. Bladder Problem is uncontrollable with aging or Childbirth

    1/3 of people, men and women believe that Incontinence is normal with aging or during pregnancy. It is not true. It is not necessary that age and pregnancy always leads to this problem.

    The Expert Muller say I know women who delivered 9 Pound’s baby and people who are above 90 years but they did not have Incontinence.

  3. Leaking of Urine is Normal

    Some people do not consider Incontinence as a medical problem so; they don’t go to the doctor. When consider this as a symptom of Menstrual period. Such people are found to be rushing towards bathroom for urination and sometime they can’t make it in time.

  4. Only Older People Get this Problem

    The risk of Incontinence increases with the time, anyone can suffer from this disease at any point in life. A survey found 1 in 4 women over 18 leaks urinate involuntarily and 1/3 of men and women above the age of 70 lose their control over Bladder.

    Tom Margolis, MD, Urogynecologist says that my mostly patients are females and in mid to late 40s. He further says that I have treated young women too.

  5. Embarrassing but not Serious

    Dr. Margolis says Urinary Incontinence is not going to kill you, not going to shorten the life but it will make your life horrible. Fear of accidents like bad odor and other factors of self- consciousness can reduce the desire of Sex, socializing with others. It can also lead to stress.

    People suffering from severe problem can get Skin rashes and irritation etc.

  6. Natural Therapies don’t Work

    Medications and surgery are not the only option for the treatment of this problem, the intake of Vitamin D and Magnesium are very effective in preventing the Incontinence.

    Kegel exercises can also strengthen the muscles of the Bladder. Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy can also help in the treatment of this disorder.

    Avoiding things like Smoking, Caffeine, Alcohol and maintaining good weight can also help.


  1. Keep Surgery as Last Option

    First try the non-surgical methods for this problem. Procedures like Retropubic Suspension and Sling surgery may be beneficial but first try to make changes in your life style, go for Pessary and Medications first.

    Surgery should be an option for those people who have tried and failed in the nonsurgical options.

  2. Sounds or Thoughts can Enhance Trouble

    The activities like coughing, laughing, jumping can cause Urine to leak. It is found that 3 out 10 people have urge incontinence.

    The way to think of urge incontinence is a miscommunication between Brain and Spinal Cord. Sounds of like running Water, crashing and being confronted with locked door can also lead to leakage of Urine.

  3. Drink When You are Thirsty

    Some experts say it is not necessary to drink 64 Ounces of Water a day. About 80% of our Water intake comes from liquids and 20%, we get from food.

    Dr. Margolis says my advice is to drink when you are thirsty and your lips are dry. If you are not thirsty than there is no need to drink Water, Drink as much Water as your body tells you.

  4. Kegel Exercise for Bladder Control

    Women are told to do Kegel exercises that help them to squeeze the muscles, which can stop Urination.

    These exercises can help in controlling Bladder. Regular Kegel exercises can prevent and even overturn Incontinence. These exercises are not just beneficial for women; these are good for men too.

    Do the exercise 3 times a day and then you will see the results in few Weeks.

    Incontinence is a disorder that leads to embarrassment, most of the time. People suffering from this disease should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Early treatment can control the complications of future.

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