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Creating a successful income stream online is the stuff of dreams for so many, and webmasters who master a few simple steps can easily generate revenue from search engines, more than enough to become full time Internet marketers. In fact many already do, and their five figure revenue quickly becomes passive income.

Traffic To Your Website

Let’s start with traffic without which no website will ever be a successful money earner. Traffic should be measured in terms of volume and quality. Maximizing revenue depends on getting the mix just right. So many webmasters manage to attract many thousands of visitors per day, yet rarely make anything more than pocket money from their sites. Other’s attract small numbers of quality traffic, and may even earn more, but the secret is in attracting large numbers of interested visitors.

Quality traffic is targeted traffic. These visitors are interested in the main topic and are willing to spend time browsing your pages. Poor quality traffic tends to click away from your site fairly quickly, they aren’t interested in your topic, and therefore are a poor source of income. Once you have established that your traffic is sufficiently high enough and of good enough quality, it’s time to start monetizing your pages.

Getting Traffic From Search Engines

Any website with good content will at some point start to attract organic traffic from other websites, and this naturally leads to increased search engine ranking, but organic growth takes time, a quicker way to increase traffic from search engines is to use the advertising services of Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Known as pay per click (PPC), these programs are invaluable for rapid and potentially massive traffic increases. PPC programs give advertisers exposure for their ads on the front page of search results pages. Paid inclusion is an amazing breakthrough for webmasters who no longer have to wait until organic growth gradually brings their site onto the first page. Instead they can pay to be on the front page from day one.

Each of the three main search engines operate their own PPC programs, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft’s AdCenter, as well as smaller search engines and advertising networks such as Ask, Miva, Kanoodle, Baidu, etc.

PPC generally works using keywords which the advertiser bids on, the highest bid obviously getting more traffic from their higher position on the ‘sponsored links’ section of search results, and therefore greater potential to generate income. It’s important to bid on keywords that are similar to your site keywords, if you’re paying for clicks you want to make sure this traffic is at least partially qualified as being interested in your content and products.

Monetizing Your Search Engine Traffic

An obvious way to monetize search engine traffic is to place advertising around your content. Signing up for programs similar to Google’s AdSense, Amazon, or TextLinkAds etc doesn’t require much more from the webmaster than to concentrate on producing content and keep an occasional

eye on their program’s earnings reporting page.

Whilst many webmasters earn a great income from advertising on their sites, the revenue can often be lower than the amount paid to get the traffic, and most gurus recommend monetizing with higher paying programs. Affiliate sales are a great way to begin monetizing your site, with many webmasters making five figure incomes. Clickbank, Commission Junction, Clix Galore, Shereasale and many others.

Monetizing your search engine traffic doesn’t require expertise in field, from writing content, to search engine optimization, or sales conversions. It requires only a commitment to generate revenue and the energy to make it happen.

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